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  1. Ivan Salinas says:

    199 9th Street
    Cresskill, NJ 07626

    Dear Ms Walker and your wonderful organization,

    My name is Ivan Salinas and I am a New York City Public School music teacher. I am writing to your wonderful organization because performing arts in New York City public schools is disintegrating at an alarming rate and I need your help. From a survey that I personally conducted 52% of those high school students have NO access to music, theatre or dance programs from a licensed performing arts teacher.

    Why Should You Be Concerned?

    The world we live in is changing rapidly. The economic landscape is being reconfigured. Where does arts education fit into this new order? Our responsibility of making sure the arts flourish is twofold:


    We have an ethical responsibility to ensure that the next generation understands the value of art in their lives. Art empowers people to understand and aesthetically appreciate the beauty and magnificence in themselves and the world around them. Art can turn students around. Art has the power to do this. Art can make miracles happen. I have seen this happen many times during my tenure as a music educator.


    New York City is the cultural capital of the western world. People come from thousands of miles around to visit our museums, galleries, theatres, concerts halls and nightclubs. It is in the best interest of the entire arts community, from high art to pop art, to make sure that our children receive a thorough arts education.

    They need to know how to navigate their way through the cultural resources of the city. If they don’t learn this, we will raise a generation of people who will no longer use these venues. If we do not step in and educate our children about art in public schools, we will see an economic collapse of the major arts institutions because we are about to create a generation that will not know about our museums or our theatres. It is in the vital interest of these institutions that the students learn about Mozart, Armstrong, Picasso, Warhol, Balanchine and Astaire; the harmful effects of illegal downloading, and the joy of experiencing live entertainment whether as a creator, performer or audience.

    Simply put, if they are not taught to understand and appreciate it, they won’t know or care enough to spend money to experience it.

    What can you do?

    I have developed a plan that can put these programs into schools in a very practical and affordable way.

    Your support is necessary right now. We can no longer expect the Department of Education to completely fund the arts any longer. Those days are over. Some of the funding will have to come from corporate sources. If we turn away now, in a few years, it might be too late. Performing arts infrastructures in most New York City public high schools are already deteriorating to a point where it is non existent. In many high schools, right now there are no real performing arts programs.

    If the entertainment industry is interested in surviving into the 21st century, it the in the best interest of self preservation that they start looking for ways to help. We must act on this before it is too late. We must band together in common purpose and protect this resource. With your help, we can do this. We can make miracles happen. Please help. I dont mean to sound desperate, but honestly, I am. Performing Arts teachers in NYC are rapidly becoming obsolete if something is not done soon. This is not hype. This is true .

    I would be most honored to send you my proposal for you to review.
    Very truly yours,

    Ivan Salinas
    PATHS Coordinator 201-519-5207

  2. anjanette robinson says:

    Everyday is a new day to grind and be true to your calling! Always being prepared is the key. Staying humbled will take you far..and being persistent will grant you favor!!!

  3. MeShun Vann says:

    Hello back (it works) and Happy New Year

  4. Heaven Jones says:

    Hello! I have tried to email and fax my application, but both methods have failed. Is there updated contact information? Thanks in advance!

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