Operations Manager:  Kelly

"Kelly" Kelly

“Kelly” Kelly

Known throughout the industry as Kelly-Kelly … NABFEME DMV Co-Manger Kelly began her  career providing consulting services to information technology businesses and later broadened her consulting services to the entertainment industry over twenty years ago. She is leader of Kelly and Associates, a general consulting company that offers a variety of options for assistance with thinking through and executing steps to the next level. She works with all businesses as well as artists, venues, and events to optimize the success of their every effort.  She has enhanced business in several entertainment venues and worked on career choices with vocalists and musicians. She has clients here and abroad who are looking for opportunities around the world.  With a fresh outlook on the possibilities for NABFEME DMV growth,  Kelly is looking forward to working with Waikeena Robinson to build a strong alliance amongst women in entertainment in the DMV.

Contact Info:
Kelly and Associates LLC
PO Box 8244
Silver Spring, Maryland 20907 
(301) 587-1493