NABFEME operates through an organized structure of local networks and appointed Network Operation Managers. These Managers are geographically located across the USA and Canada and are sought after per their background, career and professional expertise.  Each Network serves as the voice and face of  NABFEME in the local community and/or region.  The Networks utilize standing committees to execute their initiatives and strategies; Operation Managers coordinate the activities of these committees to further agendas, timelines and action plans.

NABFEME maintains a Code of Honor that governs the membership body and the organization’s business dealings.  The organization does not endorse, partner, or participate in any events, activities or programs without prior written approval from NABFEME Headquarters.  Any event, drive, program, or activity that does not support or impact an already existing NABFEME strategy, agenda or initiative will not be accepted. 

Operation Managers

The NABFEME Operations Manager oversees the management of the organization in their respective region while planning and administering various programs, events and activities.  Operation Managers execute membership activities, including drives and solicitations. The Operation Manager also oversees the organization’s Special Events and offers creative, active leadership in their respective roles.  Each Manager provides information and feedback to NABFEME Headquarters regarding their area of service; their  input aids the national office in meeting the networking and professional development needs of the entire membership body.

While managing their primary role as Network Operation Managers, these professionals also offer a variety of specialized services in creative, technical, managerial and/or administrative fields.   We are proud to feature them on these pages.

MARKET Operation Managers
Atlanta Zina Brown
Boston Sky Darling
Charlotte Bridgett Wright
Chicago Dr. Renee Matthews
Dallas Tonye Scott
DC Waikeena Robinson
Detroit Joya Owens
Los Angeles Carolyn “Bree” Brewer
Minneapolis Professor Tonya Butler
Nashville Gina Miller
New Jersey Jaleesa McEachin
New York Charlotte Anderson-Bedford, Esq.
Orlando Adrienne Harris
San Francisco Jeanette Bartholomew
St. Louis Marty Casey
Toronto Gail Phillip
Virginia Beach Shawn Martin
Wilmington Cynthia Tyre