NABFEME is the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music & Entertainment, Incorporated …  a non-profit organization with a mission to increase the awareness and raise the profile of women of color in music and entertainment.  The organization operates through a structured regional network system with Network leaders at the helm in each region or market.

The leadership of NABFEME is comprised of entertainment industry volunteers and professionals who work to boost the number of economic opportunities that women of color enjoy in the entertainment industry.  The Executive Board embodies a cross section of business professionals who represent entertainment and other fields of related interest.  This board sets policy, develops priorities and plans of action for the organization.

Payments & Billing

NABFEME does not co-sign.  All invoices, bill payments and/or debts are tendered through the NABFEME Headquarters.  NABFEME is not responsible for any debt accrued by anyone claiming to represent the organization, its officers and/or Board of Directors.  All valid work orders and invoices must be approved by Headquarters and must be signed by the organization’s President/CEO before any work begins, service is provided or payment expected.


Before being accepted for approval or payment, all invoice documents must be submitted to NABFEME, Inc.  All Invoices for payment must be submitted with a W-9.  If a W-9 has been previously submitted and your company’s information has not changed, a new W-9 submission should not be necessary.

All invoices must include: 

1.  The word INVOICE printed bold and legible on each document submitted for payment

2. A unique invoice identification number

3.  Your company name, address and contact information

4. Your company Tax ID Number

5.  NABFEME name and address as the customer being invoiced or billed, including the name of the person ordering the service and/or goods

6.  A clear description of what the organization is being billed for

7.  The date the goods or services were provided or delivered (must supply date)

8  The date of the invoice

9.  The amount(s) being charged or billed

10.  The total amount owed