NABFEME Shero Hall of Fame

The NABFEME SHERO is a woman whose career achievements has opened doors for other women and set new standards of operation for the entertainment industry. The challenges and experiences met by the NABFEME Shero built the career foundation that today’s women in music and entertainment stand on.

Singer/Songwriter Valerie Simpson receives the Shero Award

The NABFEME SHERO comes in every imaginable professional field… and they manifest their Sheroism in infinite ways. The strength and fortitude of our Shero foremothers in the entertainment industry paved the way for today’s executive divas and goddesses. The accomplishments of these women are quite stunning in light of the fact that there was, for whatever reason, an un-talked about system that always put men on top. Battling exclusion and seclusion, these incredible women risked it all to create the opportunities for the women that would follow them.

Singer Patti LaBelle receives Shero Award

Record Executive Jean Riggins and Publisher Jamie Foster Brown receive the Shero Award. Both were saluted by Poet Nikki Giovanni

NABFEME  created the SHERO HALL OF FAME to spotlight, pay tribute and share the incredible contributions to entertainment these amazing “Wonder Women” have made.    These esteemed women of courage who are our NABFEME Sheroes are given a prestigious  award and our highest honor, induction into the NABFEME Shero Hall of Fame.