The leadership of the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music & Entertainment, Incorporated is comprised of industry volunteers who make up the organization’s Empowerment Team.  The team is comprised of a national Executive Board that sets policy, develops priorities and plans of action for the organization; and a league of regional directors who serve as Operation Managers in their assigned regions. The NABFEME Executive Board and Operation Managers represent  a cross section of music and entertainment professionals, as well as executives from other professions and professional interests.

Johnnie Walker – Founder & Chairman
Ramona Harrison Hardy – Executive Director
Cynthia Tyre – Vice Chair, Operations
Marissa Wallace – Membership Director 
Carlee McCullough, Esq. – Business & Legal Affairs
Lita Rosario, Esq – General Counsel


National Operations Managers
NABFEME operates in various markets throughout the USA and Canada through an organized structure of appointed Operation Managers.  These Managers who are geographically located in major metropolitan cities across the United States and Canada make up the Managing Board.  The members of this board are sought after per their background, career and professional expertise.  Utilizing the desire, energy and skill-sets these managers bring to the organization we are empowered with the human resources needed  to realize our mission.
Adrienne Harris – Orlando, FL
Bridgette Wright – Charlotte, NC
Carolyn “Bree” Brewer – Los Angeles, CA
Charlotte Anderson-Bedford, Esq. – New York
Cynthia Tyre – Wilmington, DE
Gail Phillip – Toronto, Canada
Gina Miller – Nashville, TN
Jaleesa McEachin – Newark, NJ
Joya Owens – Detroit, MI
Joy Wansley – Hampton Roads, VA
Jeanette Bartholomew – San Francisco, CA
Marty K. Casey – St. Louis, MO
Renee Matthews, MD – Chicago, IL
Shawn Martin – Virginia Beach, VA
Shirley Lites – Philadelphia, PA
Sky Darling – Boston, MA
Shawn Martin – Virginia Beach, VA
Toni Scott – Dallas, TX
Waikeena Robinson – DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia)
Zina Brown – Atlanta,GA
Local Markets At Large
Local Markets At Large are identified NABFEME markets with limited activity and leaders who have a high interest in developing the organization in their locale.  While unable to maintain a vigorous series of meetings, events and/or activities, these leaders desire to maintain a leadership role within the organization.  With limited executions, these leaders are responsible for identifying opportunities in the market while setting goals, making action plans and communicating efficiently with the National Office.
Memphis, TN