Membership Application

NABFEME strives to provide a worthwhile membership experience and interaction with the organization whenever and wherever you engage us. Designed to link business leaders, entertainment professionals and entrepreneurs … our objective is to deliver meaningful service at the same level, at all times with each encounter.

Membership Levels:

NABFEME: Our Primary Membership Level. Inclusive of all organizational benefits and services. Electronic mailings that keep you informed; Free and/or discounted email blasts for you or your business; calendar postings, speaking & leadership opportunities; links to your website, full access to the NABFEME Member Portal;  Profile page in the Member Directory.  Visit the NABFEME Members Portal at for more detailed information.

  • NAFEME Biennial - This is our 2-year membership option. Save time and money!
  • NABFEME Bundle – This is our 3-year option that includes one year of membership “free!”

COLLEGIATE membership is designed specifically for members attending institutions of higher learning.  The age requirement for this level is 18-26. Anyone applying for Collegiate Membership must be a full-time student. Student ID is required. All Collegiate Memberships must be approved by NABFEME Headquarters.

HONORARY memberships are granted by the NABFEME Board of Directors to individuals who have excelled in their chosen field, demonstrated superior achievements and have contributed to the advancement of women in entertainment and in the workplace. Any active member may nominate a person for Honorary membership. Honorary Members are entitled to all rights and privileges of NABFEME membership except the right to hold office. Honorary members are notified by special letter from the NABFEME President/CEO.

Membership Application