Reasons to Join

We invite you to join our community of professionals and enjoy benefits that will enrich you, your career and your business. Here are a few reasons why we believe you should become a member:


Connectivity is a significant part of the NABFEME purpose; and we want to make you and your business easier to find.  As a member you’ll receive a listing in the NABFEME online member directory. You will be listed in search results per search parameters, and you’ll receive your own profile page that people will see when they click on your name.  You will have your own member login where you can update or edit your listing


NABFEME meetings, events, programs and seminars provide you with the opportunity to network with professionals from a variety of backgrounds and professional fields. We help to facilitate the conversations that lead to collaboration, referrals and strategic partnerships that can enhance your business while reinforcing the organization.

Professional Advancement

NABFEME seminars and programs are designed to address issues that surround achieving success in a gender-unbalanced industry. We help you to stay current on events, trends and issues that professional women face.

Idea Exchange

Because NABFEME members come from many diverse backgrounds, professional fields and areas of expertise, we bring you an unparalleled opportunity to share ideas and make new connections.

Business Development

We focus our Business Development efforts on six (6) industry clusters: Music, Film & Video, Fashion & Style, Social Media, Radio & TV and Sports.  We connect with people who are leaders in our targeted industry clusters, this opens the opportunity for you to connect, collaborate and/or conduct business.

Community Service & Giving Back

We believe the inspirational mission and purpose of NABFEME attracted you to the organization. When you make the decision to serve on a committee, speak at a seminar, work with a task force, or serve on one of our Network teams, you not only deepen your network of colleagues, you also share what you know so that others may grow.