NABFEME Delaware

Operations Manager: Cynthia Tyre

Cynthia Tyre

Cynthia Tyre


Concert promoter, event planner and businesswoman Cynthia Tyre manages a dual role within NABFEME.  Cynthia serves as the organization’s Delaware Network Leader based in Wilmington.  Though her base is in Wilmington, Cynthia’s work revolves around many of the area’s surrounding communities such as Chester, PA, Philly, Baltimore and more.  Cynthia took a leadership role with the organization after participating in our “High Heels in High Places” empowerment seminar at the N Theater in downtown Wilmington.

Since the seminar Cynthia has led several successful meetings and events for NABFEME coupled with bringing many new corporate partners aboard.  With many ideas and future plans on the table for progress and growth… we are excited about what lies ahead as Cynthia Tyre emerges as one of NABFEME’s most formidable leaders!