Code of Conduct

The following conduct guidelines are based on the premise that everyone involved in the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music & Entertainment, Inc. (NABFEME) is doing so voluntarily, and solely for the purpose of empowering women.  While the music and entertainment industry is male dominated and a very competitive industry, we believe that a spirit of cooperation, comradery and sisterhood should exist among NABFEME members. Any NABFEME member or officer who willfully performs an act that substantially interferes with, or is detrimental to the orderly and synergistic operation of the NABFEME mission and its programs shall be subject to discipline or even expulsion.


1. Be honest and truthful with each other.
2. Respect each other.
3. Be on time!
4. Show integrity and consideration to one another.
5. Make only agreements that you intend to keep.
6. Be supportive; be willing to support any member of the NABFEME sisterhood.
7. Support early, support often and support unconditionally.
8. Never abandon a NABFEME member in need.
9. Be willing to stand behind the purpose, mission and goals of NABFEME.
10. If there is any potential question on the legality of an activity…consult the NABFEME General Counsel first.
11. Do not attempt to use NABFEME, or its meetings, simply to sell services and/or products.
12. Consider how you can help to build the organization and not just what NABFEME can do for you.
13. Do not extend  or share NABFEME findings or data to another company or organization without first securing approval from Headquarters.
14. Be sure that email and other electronic data are appropriately blinded and anonymous so that participant’s identities are protected.
15. Be willing to provide the same type and level of information that you request.
16. Always obtain permission from the NABFEME member before using data or information that contains the member’s name.
17. Be clear on how your NABFEME sister would like any information she has provided handled and used. Handle and use it in that manner.
18. Be direct… deal direct (if you have a problem with someone go directly to that person with it… or let it go).
19. Take personal responsibility. Do not place blame on others or finger point.
20. Be patient and loyal to the NABFEME sisterhood.
21. Be resourceful (find solutions before dumping on others)
22. Do not go behind a member’s back with problems, gossip, slander or hearsay.
23. Be effective and efficient (do more with less)
24. Focus on what works
25. Obtain an individual’s permission before providing her name and/or contact information in response to a contact request

With respect to this Code of Conduct, NABFEME endeavors to:

● Provide an accessible and relaxed support environment
● Provide an atmosphere where all women feel empowered and are welcome
● Be accessible to our members
● Resolve problems quickly and efficiently
● Value all of our members and their opinions
● Provide educational, networking and empowerment opportunities