NABFEME New Jersey

 Operations Manager: Tonia Champagne

Tonia Champagne

Tonia Champagne

With a continual evolving industry and market, NABFEME New Jersey is in good hands with newly appointed Director and Operations Manager, Tonia Champagne.  Serving as label President, Tonia heads Champagne International Music Group, a subsidiary of Kouassi Int’l Distribution LLP.  She is also CEO/President of Champagne Entertainment, Promotions & Management LLC and WeGotUs Kidz… a New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation.  And to keep every hour in the day active, Tonia is Office Manager at Champagne and Company Income Tax Service Inc, as well as She is First Lady of the TopMics Tour and is the previous owner ofSista 2 Sista Auto Repair Inc, the first female owned and operated auto repair shop in Newark.

 Tonia has worked alongside of some of New Jersey’s most influential promoters, event coordinators, producers, songwriters, fashion designers, models, artists, authors, filmmakers and corporate industry heads. Dedicating her time to empowering youth through expressions in the arts, her entertainment company manages and develops numerous up and coming young recording artists and dancers.  Tonia has a solid mantra that she lives by that also describes her purpose, she says “I am an advocate for children. I am their voice when they don’t have a voice … I know I’m not a Superwoman, but I sure do try to be!”

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