Celebrity Moms

“Celebration of the Celebrity Mom”

2005 NABFEME Celebrity Moms: Carolyn London (Tyra Banks), Jonetta Patton (Usher), Cissy Houston (Whitney Houston), Delores Jordan (Michael Jordan), Mahalia Hines (Common), Umi Smith (Mos Def), Roberta Shields (Ludacris) and Donda West (Kanye West)

If you want to see a great woman … look at a MOTHER! Being a MOTHER is much more than giving birth to a child. It takes most of your time, all of your energy, every ounce of wit and strength, plus all the wisdom and understanding God has granted you for that child. Each mother saluted by NABFEME has a wonderful story of faith, inspiration, strength and courage to share.

The Celebration of  The Celebrity Mom embraces women who have stood by their famous children through it all; women who have believed in their children’s talent and fostered the development of that talent; and regardless of the challenges, these are women who have given the entertainment industry some of its brightest stars.