Operations Manager: Kenya McGuire Johnson

Kenya M. Johnson

Kenya M. Johnson

Noted Jazz Singer, songwriter and entrepreneur… Kenya McGuire Johnson is Network Leader and Executive Director of NABFEME Chicago.  A native of Denver, CO… Kenya began singing at age 8 and was playing the flute by the time she was in 3rd grade. 

In middle school, Kenya was fully immersed in the arts as a member of many advanced and citywide choirs, jazz ensembles and theater troupes.  Upon attending historical Howard University in Washington, DC… Kenya was a member of the university’s renowned Gospel Choir.  She graduated from Howard with a Bachelor of Science degree in physical therapy which she practiced.  She later earned a Master of Arts degree in counseling and student development, becoming a counselor and educator.

Kenya is Founder and Owner of Creating Crimson… a boutique creativity coaching service that focuses specifically on artistic creative works, artist development and next level career management; she also serves as a consultant for the firm.