NABFEME, the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music & Entertainment, Inc. represents connectivity, access, support and synergy amongst professional women in entertainment and other industries.  One woman can make a difference, but it’s a lot easier when we work together as a group.  When we work together, we spend less time and energy reinventing wheels.   NABFEME encourages support and synergy through the organization’s membership structure.  As a member, we invite you to share your success stories and career expertise via our workshops, seminars and meetings …  therefore increasing opportunities and the pool of successful women in our industry.  Our programs, events and services are shaped by the needs of our members and we are constantly developing new program concepts that reinforces the development and career advancement of our constituency.   NABFEME membership is open to entertainment industry professionals, supportive individuals, service providers, corporations and students.

Becoming a member of NABFEME is easy, and the benefits will last a lifetime.  To Join NABFEME click here to apply online, or if you prefer to mail-in your application, click the following link to download a membership application.  For membership questions, you may call our office at (901) 234-8439 or email us directly at:

NABFEME Members are the most important people in our organization!