Michael “Heart Attack” Mauzone

Music Industry Producer & Visionary

Michael Mauzone is a man who puts his “heart” into his work.  To his friends and the women of NABFEME, he wears it everyday as Heart Attack, former Music Director and Assistant Program Director for WOWI, WSVY and WSVV. Heart Attack (as he is affectionately known throughout the music industry) is a music industry visionary who got his start in the business performing as house DJ at various local clubs before expanding his talents into a career in radio. His first stint in radio came in 1980 at WRAP. The next move was enrollment at Norfolk State University, and in 1983 while still in school he applied for an internship at WRAP as an engineering assistant and got hired!

Continuing to climb the ladder of success, Heart Attack moved on to WBSK and later in 1991 to WOWI as Music Director. WBSK changed its format and call letters to WSVY and Heart Attack was named Music Director. Amid all the movement and station changes, Heart Attack found the time to form his own production company, GIGOTACK MUSIC – a name he developed that derived from combining gigolo and heart attack. Gigotack Music consults music labels about their upcoming singles, performs re-mix and editing services for its clients. Some noteworthy Gigotack remixes have been “5:00 In The Morning by Non-Chalant, White Label’s “Pick Up The Phone” by Levi White, “Comfort Zone” by Vanessa Williams and “Remember The Time” by the gloved one Michael Jackson!

Turn the music up and party until you drop. Love ya, DJ Heart Attack