Bert Padell

CEO – Padell, Nadell, Fine & Weinberger

Bert Padell, who is known as “the accountant to the stars,” is also an investor, business manager, and career planner. The offices of Padell, Nadell, Fine & Weinberger located in lower Manhattan are testimony to the fact that Bert Padell enjoys being in proximity to creative people.

Bert Padell has developed great expertise in many areas of the entertainment industry. He has provided his expertise to all of his clients by way of advising clients on business opportunities, personal and business decisions and assisting and working with clients managers and attorneys.

Mr. Padell is known throughout the industry by most entertainment attorneys, executives and managers and maintains a great rapport with them. He has worked closely with actuaries and pension experts to work out retirement planning for major businesses and clients. 

Over the years many clients have amassed substantial funds in their retirement plans.