Women Who Jam!®

The Heartbeat of Women in Music!  

Powerful in-your-ear vocals, infectious rhythms and electrifying performances that leave fans moving and shaking with their jaws on the floor in awe … this is the magic of Women Who Jam!

WOMEN WHO JAM – The Showcase

A respected brand of “live” entertainment, Women Who Jam! is a popular all-female driven national performance showcase.  Presented in theaters, lounges, clubs and schools, the Showcase is a promotional outlet, gathering place and performance platform for ground breaking female musicians and entertainers!


Generating thousands of listeners and new fans each week, Women Who Jam Radio is a music influenced, weekly, hour long all female based radio program that airs on both Internet and terrestrial radio stations.  Indie or major, a celebrated performer or an emerging diva, Women Who Jam radio unblurs the lines and brings in “real” music recorded by some of today’s most talented female artists.


It takes a fortune to record, package, press, distribute and promote a CD release. The Women Who Jam CD helps artists to better manage this process by assembling song releases from our top female artists and combining them onto one CD. The collective creates a new frontier in music marketing and is an alternative approach for getting good music back into the hands of fans and consumers.

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Women Who Jam!® is a registered trademark of the National Association of Black female Executives in Music & Entertainment, Inc.