2005 Honorees

Ludacris & Roberta

NABFEME Celebrity Moms

Roberta Shields is Mother of Rapper Ludacris.  She is President of The Ludacris Foundation.  The Foundation develops programs as well as partnerships with organizations to make a positive difference in the lives of  young people.  Roberta is founder and President of Strategic Management Consulting.  Her business is focused on helping organizations develop their strategic direction and plan.  In addition, Roberta is COO of Disturbing Tha Peace, Inc a Ludacris Corporation and Bridges and Shields Enterprises.

Jonetta Patton

Saying “I wear many hats,” Chattanooga, TN, native Jonetta Patton who gave up her own 9-to-5 working class job at Blue Cross/Blue Shield to move to Atlanta to guide her son Usher Raymond IV to the pinnacle of not just the music world, but the realms of film, fashion and business.

Mahalia Hines

Mahalia A. Hines, Mother of Rapper Common served as a principal in the Chicago Public School system for seventeen years.   In 1996, she became the business manager for her son’s company Senseless Music, Inc.  In addition to being his business manager, she also works closely with his foundation, and is the President of his new company Hip Hop Schoolhouse.

Donda & Kanye

Donda West, the mother and one time manager of rapper, Kanye West passed away November 2007 in Los Angeles as the result of complications from a cosmetic surgical procedure.   Donda West a retired professor and former chairwoman of the Chicago State University English department, was an avid supporter of NABFEME and tireless supporter of her son.  As CEO of West Brands LLC and co-founder of the Kanye West Foundation, she teamed with her son to develop a nonprofit that aimed to combat the dropout problem in high schools in 2005. In May, she released the book Raising Kanye: Life Lessons from the Mother of a Hip-Hop Superstar.