2007 Honorees

2007 NABFEME Celebrity Mom Celebration

Tina Douglas

Tina Y. Douglas is the mother of Grammy Award winner, singer/songwriter Ashanti. As a highly accomplished manager to her daughter, she has given herself the title, “Mo-Manager.” Prior to managing her daughter’s career, Tina was a senior technical networking engineer working for Fortune 500 companies IBM and Digital (Compaq/HP). A former dance instructor, Tina Douglas is trained in Jazz, Tap, Ballet and African.

Terria Joseph

Terria Joseph was born in Detroit, Michigan; her family moved to Toledo, Ohio when she was 6 years old. After attending one year at the University of Toledo, at age 19 she then moved to New York City to attend NYU’s prestigious School of the Arts and graduated in 1971 with a BFA in Acting.  She has since performed on stage, in independent films, and television projects in both the New York and Los Angeles.  However, Terria says her proudest moment to date was the birth to her daughter Alicia Keys.  Ms. Joseph is a member-in-good-standing of Screen Actors Guild and the Actors Equity Association.

Tina Mauldin

Cecelia Vestina Mauldin hails from Ashville, NC and better known in the music industry as Tina Mauldin or Miss Tina.  She has worked with her famous son, songwriter, producer and entertainer Jermaine Dupri.  She is co-owner and General Manager of Café Dupri, an upscale casual restaurant in Atlanta where she oversees the quality of the superb food and service.  Prior to being a business owner, Tina enjoyed successful careers in the corporate world and in various health care fields.  Tina’s hobbies include decorating, exercising, gardening and sewing.  She is a member of St. John’s Catholic Church.

Growing up as a young lady in Peachland, NC, Ola Pearl Hamilton has always valued hard work.  Becoming a mom at 21, she recalls many fond memories of watching her son Anthony Hamilton sing into her silverware as if it were a microphone.  “He’d grab anything and sing into it,” she says… even hairbrushes!  Ola Pearl’s motto has always been, “if you want something, you have to work for it.”  And, she doesn’t take this lightly as she has been working for the same dry cleaners in Charlotte for over 40 years.