2007 Honorees

2007 NABFEME Celebrity Mom Celebration

Carolyn Bright Smith was born in 1937 in Darlington, SC.  She grew up in Pittsburgh and later moved to Philadelphia; she is the mother of four children and several grandchildren. In July 2005, Mrs. Smith was made an Honorary Football Mom by the Professional Football Players Mother’s Association.  Her Alma Mater, Westinghouse High School later inducted her into the Wall of Fame for continued community service.  In March 2006, Carolyn Smith and her famous son Will Smith were named Honorary Chairpersons for the Maternity Care Coalition’s Annual Tea and Mother’s Day Fundraiser.  Maternity Care Coalition is a non-profit organization which helps single mothers with day care, housing, job searches and clothing as well as formula for the care of their babies.  In 2007, Carolyn Smith was named Chair.

Pat Elliott

Pat Elliott is the mother of Rapper and Producer, Missy Elliot.  Pat owns and operates her own company, P. E. Wisdom, LLC which serves as administrator for her daughter’s various companies, including Missy’s record label, The Gold Mind, Inc., her songwriting & music production company,  Mass Confusion Productions, Inc. and Supa Dupa Fly Productions, Missy’s appearances and trademark company.  Pat also administers all legal and tax matters for Missy Elliott, as well as Missy clothing line… RESPECT M.E.

Emma Reid & "LA" Reid

“I was the mother and the father,” says Emma Reid.  “In fact, it was a long-running joke,” she recalls of her children, “they would call and wish me a happy Father’s Day.”  A single parent to Ivy, Rosaland, Bryant and Antonio L.A. Reid, it was up to Emma to weather the financial woes of the 50s and 60s.  But the family was close-knit and supported each other in every way.  As a child growing up in Cincinnati, she learned from her mother how to sew and sewing became Emma’s passion and later at Woodward High School she studied it as a trade.  When Emma became a working seamstress, her career enabled her to move to her family to the Mount Auburn section of town. Emma notes, “music was the cadence of the household.”  “When the kids were growing up, I got into James Brown, Otis Redding, Gladys Knight, The Temptations and of course, Motown.”  Emma’s brother Albert, a part-time drummer, often inspired young Antonio when he came for family visits. Emma bought her son his first drum kit at the age of ten.  The template was cast, and less than three decades later, her son’s phenomenal success in the music business compelled him to buy his mother a new home in Cincinnati’s Blue Ash section.  Nowadays she spends time as a member of various organizations, including the Cincinnati Chapter of the Friends of Amistad, the gleeful Red Hat Society, and of course her beloved St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Evanston. 

Sharon "Ma Benjamin" Hodo

Wife, mother and grandmother… also known as Ma Benjamin, Ms B and NanaSharon Benjamin Hodo hails from Atlanta, GA and is married to Pastor Robert L. Hodo of the New Morning Light Baptist Church.  Sharon is the mother of Outkast co-founder Andre L. Benjamin also known as Andre 3000.  A licensed real estate advisor to the wealthy, Sharon also serves as an advisor to Andre and his partner, Antwan Patton aka, Big Boi… and she acts as a live coach to many active members in the music industry.