Why You Should Join

First … Networking is a silent and powerful partner in your success. A single strand or cord can be easily cut or broken, but if you add four or five pieces of strand and tie them together… the strand is not so easily broken. Networking works pretty much the same way as it provides the additional “strands” of support … the extra strength needed to accomplish our individual goals.

Who you know is Important – Equally as Important is “Who Knows YOU!” 
A good circle of people around you will strengthen your influence and add to your credibility as a professional. The NABFEME Network offers that circle of influence to women, especially minority women across America and Canada by linking together our members, associates, business partners and colleagues via geographic locations and professions.

Believe it or not …  you need Advertising & Marketing!  
Don’t sell yourself short – you have to get your name out there… become known!  Being a NABFEME member is just one of the ways a Facebook friend can match you with a real face, an email sender with a face, it’s a targeted way for people to know who you are so that you gain the added leverage needed to accomplish your professional goals.  If one person posts a message that tells a hundred about you…  what is your growth potential with an entire network supporting, talking and/or posting about you??

Increased Exposure:  
Your membership automatically comes with your very own web profile. You control your profile and what you want people to see and know about you. Other members and associates will be able to find out about you and the things they need to know to make an intelligent decision regarding contacting and/or working with you.

NABFEME Membership:  
Your NABFEME membership is your open advertisement to the entertainment industry and other professional fields.  Plus, you’ll enjoy various  options and benefits:

  • You will receive a listing in our Member directory so that you may be easily found by anyone seeking entertainment professionals in your area of expertise.
  • You will receive your own web page/profile that people will see when they click on your name.  You control this page/profile to include your contact information, a photo of yourself, contact information, audio or video samples, a bio and much more. And all of these areas are optional – you can control what visitors see and  what you’d like on your web/profile page.
  • You’ll have special privileges, like becoming one of the Highlight Executives that appear on the NABFEME home page.
  • You are automatically networked with members across America and Canada
  • You receive perks, discounts and benefits from our sponsors and partners when available.
  • The NABFEME Member portal is password protected.  You will be given your login information that you can change when you prefer. With your login information, you can change your listing, renew your membership, view your personalized profile page and more

The power of networking should never be underestimated!