Mentor Program

Mentors Are Needed Now!

We need you as a NABFEME mentor!!  By accepting the challenge to be a mentor, you are making a positive step towards making a difference in someone’s life. We are excited to learn about your interest and willingness to commit to the support of the development of others who are pursuing entertainment industry careers. It is people like you, who will change our landscape and raise the standard for careers in entertainment.

NABFEME Mentoring … or “Virtual Wo-Mentoring”

NABFEME defines a Mentor as someone who has found ways to succeed in life and cares enough to pass those lessons along. NABFEME takes this concept a step further by introducing what we call, “Virtual Wo-Mentoring.” Realizing we cannot rely on men to pick female protégés and can’t depend on being able to socialize in the old style – i.e. boy’s club, on the basketball court, or over a cigar – we had to change the rules. We discovered a new world of mentoring – a world where the old rules, written and practiced by men mentoring men, have been restructured by women mentoring women… a world we call “Wo-Mentoring.” Women’s mentoring is more about commitment than chemistry. It’s more about personal growth and development, rather than promotions and perks. It’s more about learning than power. It’s not about who you know… but who knows you and what you can do!

NABFEME combines this new style of mentoring with the technology of the Internet to create “Virtual Wo-Mentoring.” With our email based Mentor Partnership Program, NABFEME helps to develop an interactive relationship between the Mentor and Mentee through the use of the Internet. Experienced entertainment professionals offer their talent and advice to those they council, based on matching data compiled from the Mentor and Mentee’s professional profile. Once a workable profile is identified, a mentoring partnership is formed and our “Virtual Wo-Mentoring” process begins. Initiated and carried out through email correspondence, the email mentoring partnership can last from several months to several years, based on the mutual parties needs and aspirations.

What Does a NABFEME Mentor Do?

It is difficult to define exactly what a Mentor does. Every situation is unique because every person’s needs and expectations vary. However, our Mentors are expected to:

  • Set high expectations
  • Lead and teach by example
  • Provide challenging concepts
  • Provide growth experience
  • Build self-confidence
  • Speak words of wisdom
  • Promote professional behavior
  • Explain how “the business” works
  • Deal with negative attitudes & behaviors
  • Offer support during difficult situations
  • Listen to problems
  • Assist with career development